Beauty sprayer tips and method steps


Nano-atomized beauty fine mist sprayer spray hydrating […]

Nano-atomized beauty fine mist sprayer spray hydrating artifact is a kind of portable new-type beauty that uses high-tech nanotechnology to introduce lotion into it, push open the slide and instantly atomize, quickly and easily replenish water in 30 seconds, and the hydrating effect exceeds the ordinary mask by 20 times. tool. The first generation of Handy handheld hydrating artifacts in Japan sold more than 280,000 units in the same year.

Around 2010, there are also sales in China! At present, the Japanese and Korean brands mainly occupy the mainstream market. Open the back cover and pour the beauty liquid into it. 30 weighs about 0.5ml and slides the cover off. The spray will immediately release the beauty liquid. After 30, it will stop automatically. Before applying makeup, it can be about 5 from the face. For use in centimeters, apply about 15 cm from the face after applying makeup.

After use, cover the slide cover. If the beauty liquid is left, slide the slide cover again. Use this product when flying. And use nano sprays, whether in a cold office or in a stuffy car, or in any situation that makes you feel the need for water replenishment. Use when your skin is irritated or sunburned. Or use it when you feel the skin is tight or the skin is uncomfortable after bathing in the sauna.

Use before makeup to provide sufficient moisture for long-term makeup, to ensure that the skin is not tight, and to provide moisture replenishment after makeup, so that the skin looks more energetic. Please hydrate the skin every morning and evening. The nano sprayer has the characteristics that the sprayed water vapor is not easily flowed and directly absorbed, and the moisture of the lotion can greatly help wrinkles and whitening. The nano sprayer can be used when stimulated after a facial mask or facial massage to quickly restore skin condition.

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