Effectively cleans the paint sprayer


Paint sprayers are incredibly convenient, and they mini […]

Paint sprayers are incredibly convenient, and they mini trigger sprayer make short work of any bigger painting job. What many people don't realize, however, is that they can be time-consuming to clean. It's not just a simple matter of running water through the sprayer and walking away. You have to disassemble and clean the entire unit to prevent it from jamming the next time you .Start by putting the intake hose in a bucket of fresh, clean water. Point the gun into the paint gun and allow the residual paint to return to the can for later use. Stop spraying as soon as the paint starts thinning out with water. Point the sprayer into a bucket that will be thrown away and continue to run water through the lines.

Continue refilling the fresh water bucket as needed until the spray coming out contains nothing but clean water. Your paint sprayer has several parts that work together. If any part is coated with dried paint, your sprayer won't work the next time you need it. Just as running water cannot clean dirty dishes by itself; it also cannot clean your sprayer. Your machine is designed to be taken apart, allowing you to clean every piece the paint must pass through. Using your owner's manual as a guide, take the sprayer assembly apart. Every piece should be placed in a small bucket of paint or lacquer thinner.

Allow these pieces to soak while you take care of the sprayer housing. Clean the Body Wearing a pair of protective gloves, pour paint thinner on a rag and start cleaning the body of the sprayer. Oversprayed paint should be removed while it's fresh, so the machine will still look like new when you are done. Clean the frame and the body as thoroughly as possible. Scrub and Rinse Turn your attention back to the pieces and parts. Using a stiff bristle brush and some rags, inspect every piece for paint and clean it. Rinse each piece in clean water after inspection, and then look it over again. When you have removed all traces of paint, you can should dry it thoroughly and set it on a clean rag for reassembly. 

Putting it Back Together Following the manufacturer's directions, put your paint sprayer back together. Check all pieces again to be sure they are completely free of paint and dry. Once the unit is assembled, store it in a safe spot with all accessories. Your intake hoses should be safely stored with the sprayer for future uses. If your sprayer did not come with a special storage box, consider buying a box or bag for the hose clips and other attachments. This will ensure that your sprayer is complete and ready for use the next time. There are many uses for paint sprayers. Whether you are treating a fence or painting a large bedroom, a paint sprayer can make short work of the job. Before deciding if you will roll the paint on or run it through the sprayer, take into account the amount of time it will take to clean the machine. The first time you clean it, the entire process could easily take thirty minutes to an hour. As you become familiar with the machine and parts, however, the cleaning process will require less time. 

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