How can I buy a mist sprayer of good quality


At present, the mini trigger sprayer sprayers sold in t […]

At present, the mini trigger sprayer sprayers sold in the rural market of our country are basically small sized. Among them, manual piggyback plastic sprayers hereinafter referred to as sprayers are the currently used quantity and  common spraying equipment, accounting for 80% of the annual sales of plant protection machinery products in the country. It accounts for more than 95% of the social protection of plant protection machinery. Due to the simple structure, low price, large market demand, and small production investment, the sprayer is easy to assemble. At the same time, the sales target of the sprayer is generally farmers, and the sales market is basically concentrated in the countryside. Therefore, counterfeit and inferior electric sprayer products have a large living space and occupy a large market share. The quality problems of sprayers are generally manifested in the following aspects.


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Of course, I want to buy a machine with a good quality, but now the fake and substandard goods are rampant in the market. The real high-quality goods need to be picked by myself. If it is a sprayer, how to choose it? As the quality of the sprayer products will directly affect the operator's personal health and human safety, the safety of agricultural products and environmental pollution issues, users should pay attention to the following three points when choosing a sprayer Whether the name, factory address and certificate of conformity are complete; from the packaging of the product, the outer packaging of the whole machine should be firm and reliable; the standard code of the product implementation should be marked on the box, and the random documents include the product instruction manual, three guarantees certificate, and product certificate It should be complete; check whether there is a  mark.


Regular enterprises in the sprayer industry have passed the  compulsory certification, and there should be a  mark in a prominent position of the product. Electric sprayer Look at the appearance of plastic parts: if the plastic parts of the sprayer are made of recycled materials or inferior materials, the color is often cloudy, and the plastic parts produced by new materials are generally bright in color and have a certain degree of transparency; see The processing quality of the whole machine and parts: the inferior sprayer product process is relatively rough, and the plasticization of the plastic parts is uneven; the hose can be seen in the material, and the quality of the rubber tube with the inner pressure layer is generally better; good medicine tanks generally have Thick and uniform characteristics; see assembly quality: moving parts should be flexible in operation, and must not be stuck, bumped non-moving parts must not have obvious deformation, bending and other phenomena after assembly; fasteners should be firm and reliable; welding parts should be firm.


Weighing good quality sprayers are generally thicker and heavier; for FRP spray bars, use both hands to hold the spray bars at both ends and twist in both directions, good spray bars will not generally break; water test machine: sprayer spray It should be continuous and uniform, and there should be no leakage at all parts and connections; at the same time, the liquid tank filled with water can be tilted by about 45 ° in all directions, and observe whether there is leakage at the joint of the cover of the medicine tank; The liquid medicine tank is filled with water and falls to the ground from a height of about 1m, to see if the liquid medicine tank leaks or ruptures, and merchants operating inferior products generally do not agree with such requests from users. Sprayer products that are too low-priced are often impossible to produce strictly according to the standard, and users are very far away when purchasing. If you want to buy a sprayer with reliable quality, you should try to choose products from well-known companies with larger scale, better product quality and better service quality, and buy them from regular merchants with fixed business addresses. Because the safety of the built-in sprayer in the air chamber is better, it is best to choose the sprayer with the built-in structure. Of course, the price of the built-in sprayer is generally higher than that of the external type.

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