How to choose a cosmetic nozzle?


Nowadays, many female friends at work need makeup to ma […]

Nowadays, many female friends at work need makeup to make themselves beautiful. Choosing the right cosmetic nozzle for take-out is the most critical part in this process. So now many cosmetics need to be taken out, so how to choose cosmetics in the take-out process Sprinkler?

1. Quality
When choosing cosmetic nozzles, they are all configured in advance through the merchant, but you can try them in advance and choose a better nozzle, so that it is more comfortable to use, and there will be no spillovers.

2. External packaging
When choosing a cosmetic nozzle, it’s best to choose an external head, so that the liquid will be squeezed out by pressing, which is much better than a spring. If there is plastic, it is best to choose a plastic material, so that it will not be easy even if it falls to the ground. Shattered.

In the process of choosing cosmetic nozzles, you don’t have to worry about wasting, but you can also save money. In the process of using, it is mainly pressed or sprayed, then the application on the face will become very even and no effort at all.

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