How to choose lipstick


Lipstick is a kind of lip balm and lipstick. It is a pr […]

Lipstick is a kind of lip balm and lipstick. It is a product that makes the lips rosy and shiny, moisturizing and protecting the lips, increasing facial beauty, and correcting the contour of the lips. It is one of the essential beauty cosmetics for women. Shows the sensuality and femininity of women.

How to choose lipstick
1. Matte (Matte) lipstick: calm and long-lasting matte means that it does not reflect light, the color is calm, and the effect is more durable. Matte lipsticks are more flamboyant than glossy lipsticks because of the obvious pigmentation as if boldly saying look at me. The disadvantage of matte lipstick is that it is easy to dry, and sometimes it is easy to reveal lip lines. Therefore, applying matte lipstick requires careful preparation, ensuring that the lips are sufficiently moisturized before applying lipstick, ensuring that you carry a mirror and lipstick with you for touch-ups, and having enough confidence to control the drama that matte lipstick brings to you.
2. Satin lipstick: Low-key sparkling silk-satin lipstick has a low-key luster like silk and has the same color strength as a matte lipstick, so it is suitable for most people. The silk satin lipstick is natural in luster and saturated in color, creating a natural three-dimensional effect for the lips.
3. Shine lipstick: Simple and easy glossy lipstick is the first choice for makeup beginners. Its ingredients reflect the light and conceal imperfections on the lips, giving you a dynamic look. It's lightly pigmented as if it just darkens your natural lip color a bit, and it's very versatile, so it's perfect for the less adventurous girl. Plus, they're great for touch-ups, and they're a great choice for lazy people.

Tips for choosing lipstick
1. Apply from the middle of the lips: With any color of lipstick, you can start to apply from the middle of the lips, so that the color of the lips is more prominent, and the shimmery lips are more radiant.
2. Press evenly with your fingers to modify it: Prevent large blocks of lipstick from sticking your lips tightly together. You can use your fingers to gently press the lip gloss to completely fit the lip skin.
3. Layer smear: Want your lipstick to last longer? First, you can pull it directly from the lipstick tube, smear the lips lightly, and then smear a layer, so that the color on the brush The staying power will be longer.

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