How to cut the right dip tube length for pump or sprayer


Misunderstandings, even simple ones, can lotion pump ca […]

Misunderstandings, even simple ones, can lotion pump cause big problems. Dip tube lengths are an area of packaging that can be wildly confusing. Most of the pump and sprayer manufacturers produce pumps with one standard dip tube length that is designed to be long so you can trim it to your needs. If you need help cutting the length of dip tubes  have no fear, follow the 3 steps to figure out how to cut the right dip tube length for your pump or sprayer.


28/412 customized Lotion pump for soap


Measuring the length from the gasket to the end of the dip tube. The number that you find will give you the overall dip tube length, let’s call this measurement A.Measure the bottle your pump or sprayer goes in. You can do this by measuring from the top of the bottle, all the way to the bottom of the container. For bottles with a raised bottom, do this measuring from the top till the raised bottom.The soap dispensing pump relies on both the components of the bottle and air suction to draw the fluid upwards and fight against the law of gravity.Each time you push down on, or prime, the actuator, the piston puts pressure on the spring and moves the ball upward, taking some soap product with it.


When you release the actuator, the piston and spring return to their resting position, sealing off the housing chamber to stop liquid from flowing back up into the bottle.Find out the length of the dip tube that needs to be cut, by simply calculate the difference between measurement A and B flat bottom bottle or A and C raised bottom bottle.This is the excess length of the dip tube you don’t need.There are two different ways that the dip tube can lay in the bottle.


For most thinner dip tubes found mostly on sprayers, the tube should bend toward the container wall, maximizing the dispensing of the product. For thick dip tubes that most lotion pumps use, the tube can sit in the product with a slight gap from the bottom to give the product room to be dispensed out of the container.If you are ordering pumps and sprayers as a special order from Knida, we will cut the dip tube for you, all you need to do is tell us the dip tube length you need or measure the bottle height of the container your pump or sprayer goes in. If you don’t want to do the grunt work, just send us the bottle, Let us cut the perfect dip tube length for you !

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