How to get rid of the cheap image of plastic bottle packaging


There Sprayer Pumps are many materials and types of pla […]

There Sprayer Pumps are many materials and types of plastic bottles. The numbers on the bottom of plastic bottles range from 1-7, which represent different materials. Coupled with the evolution of various production and processing techniques for plastic bottles. Makes plastic bottle packaging extremely rich. However, plastic bottles have never been able to get rid of the image of low-end cheap packaging.


Powder bottle-FR-02 180ml


Many high-end products have abandoned plastic bottles and adopted glass bottles and metal tin cans instead.How to get rid of the image of cheap plastic bottle packaging, obviously, this is a problem facing all plastic bottle manufacturers. On one aspect, we believe that it is necessary to improve marketing and publicity to change people's inherent image of plastic bottles. On the other hand, in the rich plastic bottle packaging, it should be subdivided.


Plastic bottles produced with different materials and processes are positioned in different markets. Some exquisite and high-end plastic bottles are working hard in the high-end packaging market. Bottle packaging creates a new image.


There is another aspect, of course, to improve the recognized defects of plastic bottle packaging and improve the performance of plastic bottle packaging. Obviously, this can also greatly promote the overall improvement of plastic bottles.In short, the improvement of the image of plastic bottle packaging requires the joint efforts of manufacturers in the industry, and it is difficult to change by a single manufacturer.

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