How to improve the pressure pump and pump head


Mainly talk about the pump head. The fine mist sprayer […]

Mainly talk about the pump head. The fine mist sprayer head is mainly used in cosmetic bottles or household detergent bottles. Because the pump head has higher process requirements than ordinary bottle caps in production, the profit will be relatively higher. At present, domestic pump head manufacturers are mainly located in Yuyao, Ningbo. As a kind of user-friendly and convenient design, the pump head is very popular abroad.


Therefore, a large part of the pump head of Hongyuan Pump Industry is used to meet the needs of foreign customers.Speaking of pressure pumps and pump heads, because they are very convenient to use on liquid liquids, they have been used in the packaging of many products in recent years, such as detergent buckets, lotion bottles, and cosmetic bottles. In the past, most of these products were packaged in hoses, which were easy to squeeze. However, the hoses were single in appearance and were not suitable for large-volume packaging.


Therefore, pumps and pump heads were more popular in the market.There are also certain differences between pressure pumps and pump heads. The pump pressure is mainly based on squeezing out the liquid or foam from the pump head, and it is widely used in shampoo products and detergent bottles. The pump head mainly ejects the liquid evenly and requires more precise dosage. It is mainly used for packaging cosmetic bottles and medicine bottles.


Although the pressure pumps and pump heads have undergone market applications and improvements, their quality has become more and more reliable, and it is rare that they cannot be ejected when they are half used. However, in use, we still find that when using the pump head and pump packaging, there are often residual liquids at the bottom of the bottle that cannot be used completely. This is worthy of improvement. After all, many household consumers have to unscrew the pump head and press the pump to use it in other ways when they find that they cannot be used up completely. This is a very inconvenient consumer experience.

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