How to solve the shortage of pumps and triggers


In response to a potential shortage in the immediate fu […]

In response to a potential shortage in the immediate future of trigger sprays and pumps, we have begun increased production of refill caps which can be used on most bottles and containers. The 28-410 Refill Cap (Item reference 1518) is a key item of our standard packaging range, designed to work with the most popular and common styles of bottle necks and screws to provide easy integration with existing moulds and product lines.


28/400 PP Trigger Sprayer for Kitchen Cleaning


We have begun building stocks of the cap in neutral plastic to suit the majority of branding requirements, and can produce the cap in custom colours including pearl, metallic and special finishes upon request. The refill cap not only provides an immediate solution to broken links in a supply chain, by allowing existing bottles and products to remain in use and continue to be sold there are additional economic and environmental benefits for companies.


The vast majority of trigger pumps and sprays are made from numerous components including metal springs, which makes them difficult to recycle and unrecyclable by customers at home in their kerbside collections. By encouraging customers to reuse pumps and sprays from existing products at home companies can highlight the improved environmental credentials of their product and include the customer in the process, making them feel part of the solution.


The refill cap itself is easily recyclable in kerbside collections, and can be produced in post-consumer recycled polypropylene upon request. Works with your existing bottle product,minimising impact on filling and labelling.Improve your environmental credentials by encouraging customers to reuse pumps and triggers.The refill cap is recyclable at kerbside, unlike the multi-component pumps and triggers.Reduce emissions of deliveries with more capped bottles fitting in each box, pallet and shipment.

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