Market Demand Analysis Of Spray Bottle Pump Head


For emulsion or gel pressing, we usually call it pump h […]

For emulsion or gel pressing, we usually call it pump head or pressure pump. Pump head in the role of packaging more and more attention, which is inseparable from its advantages. First of all, the pump head is labor-saving. Ordinary bottle caps need to be opened, and some caps are laborious and laborious to open. Secondly, the pump head is easy to use, it can be directly extruded, and can be operated by one hand, which liberates both hands. Thirdly, the pump head looks more high-end and beautiful.
So, how about the market of pump head manufacturers and the future prospect of pump head Market. First, under the current epidemic situation, the market demand for disinfectant and hand sanitizer products is soaring, and pump heads are required for the outer packaging of these two products, which is the driving force for the market growth of pump heads in the future Yuan time. Second, the demand for product packaging upgrade. At present, more and more brands tend to upgrade their products. They start to make articles on the packaging, and the pump head meets this market demand. Third, young consumers are more receptive to the use of pump heads.
For pump head manufacturers, the current epidemic situation is an opportunity, which needs to be grasped in time.

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