Should the plastic pump head of cosmetics be more humane


In addition to thinking about the quality of the treatm […]

In addition to thinking about the quality of the treatment pump product itself, cosmetics brands also need to focus on the main points of the plastic spray nozzles. The unique rigid plastic nozzles have now become the focus of more and more brands. Facial scrubs, roll-on eye creams, waxes, and anti-fat emulsions are all products that can get outstanding benefits from easy-to-use and convenient packaging nozzles.


24/410 Treatment Pump with PP full cover


If you want to make your own Liuhe in many self-care brands, whether the plastic sprinklers are conceivable or easy to use has obviously become a key factor for the brand's superiority. The new brand of body mask series slimming cream, in collaboration with RPC Bramlage-Wiko in packaging planning, using their professional skills in their own packaging planning, produced a customized coating system, making this product more and more Facilitate consumer use.


This gel-like substance is spilled on the skin through an ergonomically designed rolling ball, and rolled quietly, massaging the parts of the body you want to moisturize, and the nutrients are fully penetrated into the skin surface. This kind of messy layout applicator has a very high demand for production. It is necessary to be very precise to ensure that it can not only achieve this highest standard practicality, but also meet the demand for high-quality graphics for brand packaging.


At present, many domestic brands have applied for patent protection for this coating system. The system, including the balls, is composed of five small injection molded parts. This special applicator tip can release the gel while massaging the skin. At the same time, having an efficient sealing method can also extend the shelf life of the product.

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