Some things about lipstick tube packaging


Lipstick tubes are the most complicated and the most di […]

Lipstick tubes are the most complicated and the most difficult of all cosmetic packaging materials. First of all, we must understand why lipstick tubes are difficult to handle and why there are so many requirements. Lipstick tubes are composed of multiple components and functional packaging is composed of different materials. In terms of lipstick material, it is also divided into the volatile type and non-volatile type (airtight/non-airtight), and most of the filling is automatically filled by machines (before filling and then filling directly, etc.), including The loading of the lipstick tube is very complicated, the combination of different parts, the poor tolerance control, or the unreasonable design, even if the lubricating oil is applied in the wrong way, it will cause downtime or abnormal function, and these errors are fatal.

The main functional parts of the lipstick tube
The bead fork screw is the core component of the lipstick tube, that is, the bead, fork, screw, bead fork screw, and lubricating oil constitute the core of the lipstick tube. It is a bit like the pump core, but it is more complicated than the pump core, and some manufacturers boast that there are no lubricating oil beads. Fork screw design, but currently not widely used.

The standardized drawing of the bead fork screw must be standardized, otherwise, you will not be able to grasp the size of your own. After the assembly later, there will be more complicated factors. The result can be expected that the injection molding material must pass the material compatibility verification, otherwise, compatibility problems will occur. If there is a problem with the screw on and off, it will be over, and the beaded screw is the top priority.
Generally speaking, the base will increase the weight of iron for the feel of the hand. If there is a problem with the heavy iron glue, it means that there is an increased risk in the lipstick tube. In addition, the vibration during transportation will cause a degumming problem inside the lipstick tube.

The quality control index of a lipstick tube
The main control indicators include hand feels indicators, filling machine requirements, transportation vibration requirements, airtightness, material compatibility issues, dimensional compatibility issues, aluminum-plastic tolerance and color issues, productivity issues, and more. The filling volume must meet the declared value of the product.

The relationship between lipstick tube and material body
The lipstick body has softness and hardness, too soft, the beads (cup) are not deep enough, HOLD can not hold the body, the lipstick flesh falls out as soon as the customer applies lipstick, the body is too hard to be applied, the volatile body (not Decolorized lipstick), if the airtightness is not good (the lid and the bottom are not well matched), it is very easy to cause the material to dry, and the whole product fails.

Development and design of lipstick tubes
Only on the basis of understanding the reasons for various requirements, can we design various test methods and standardize various indicators. The novice must choose the mature bead fork screw design, and complete the general bead fork screw design as soon as possible.


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