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As a driving force for growth, on the one hand, the dem […]

As a driving force for growth, on the one hand, the demand for packaging in developing and emerging industrial countries is increasing due to the increase in affluence and population. On the other hand, the packaging sector in Western industrial countries has benefited from the proliferation of varieties and increased sales points.
Wuxi Shengma Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing enterprise specializing in the production of various micro-spray pumps (valves) for daily use, medicine, food and health care, and supporting aluminum cans and plastic bottles. It is China Packaging Federation and China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association. Member production units of the National Science and Technology Association, the National Environmental Protection Industry Association, and the China Health Sciences Association. It is an excellent enterprise in China's packaging industry. Its main products include emulsion pumps, rolling pumps, Luokou pumps, miniature aluminum cans, and nearly 1,000 varieties of PP, PE, PET series plastic bottles. The company can also design and produce according to different needs of customers. All kinds of molds, production of different specifications, models of injection, blow molding products.
The French packaging industry has a total output value of more than 18 billion euros and has solved more than 105,000 jobs. The organization of the industry has the following characteristics:
First, the glass packaging is very concentrated;
Second, plastic packaging is relatively scattered, but is growing steadily;
Third, wood packaging is mainly based on handicraft applications. The Ron region of the Alps is the leading region for the packaging industry (more than 11% of the industry's employees are concentrated here), featuring packaging. In addition, Ent Normandy plays an important role in the glass industry. The most important application areas of the French packaging industry are the industry (66%) and the cosmetics industry (12%). France is the fourth largest instrument processing market in Europe after Germany, the United Kingdom and Italy, accounting for 13% of the market. Industry is also one of the largest industries in the UK, serving a wide range of industries. The characteristics of market fragmentation are reflected in the differences in corporate structure: less than 20 printing companies employ more than 500 employees each, while more than 550 small companies require only 50-499 people.
Packaging is an important industry. But it does not exist independently, but is attached to industries such as food and beverage, personal care, and medicine. The British packaging industry plays a pivotal role in the global total of light industry and heavy industry products.
The annual consumption of packaging materials has also reached 9.6 million tons. Per capita consumption of packaging materials in the UK is lower in European countries, but it also accounts for 5% of the production industry. 70% 80% of packaging materials are used in light industrial consumption crystals, and the rest are used in industry, such as large chemical, mechanical, and agricultural industries.
The Packaging Federation estimates that there are currently 2,000 packaging material production companies in the UK with 100,000 employees, representing only 3% of all employees in the UK production sector. The largest concentration areas are located in northwest England, eastern Midlands, Yorkshire and Humber. These regions have a concentration of 40% of employees.

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