What are the mistakes of using moisturizing spray


The air conditioner in the office drains the moisture f […]

The air conditioner in the office drains the moisture from our skin, and nearly every female colleague's desk is full of sprays.
The selection and application of the spray are not as simple as a "light press" and you may be overlooking some details that leave the skin not having the expected softness.

Myth 1: The higher the mineral content of the hot spring water, the better the effect.
In fact, the active exchange process between the thermal water and the skin takes only about a minute. The higher the salt content, the shorter the retention time of the spring water. After the water evaporates, minerals and salts that are not absorbed by the skin remain on the surface of the skin, minerals. The higher the water content, the more salt crystals on the surface of the skin. Because salt is absorbent, salt crystals on the surface of the skin absorb water from inside and outside the skin, so water does not form, but it can cause dehydration.

Myth 2: In order for the hot spring water to fully communicate with the skin, the longer they stay, the better.
When the water remaining on the skin evaporates, the salt crystals on the surface of the skin will absorb the water from the inside and outside of the skin but will carry the moisture from the inside of the skin. Therefore, for better hydration, the appropriate time is to expose the skin to water. After about a minute, gently soak the water with a cotton towel.

Myth 3: Hot spring water can be used as spray water
Not all spa waters are suitable for spray water, and spring water suitable for spray should be selected from dermatological springs. If used incorrectly, it can cause damage to the skin. For example, hot spring water for rheumatism contains high concentrations of sulfur and phosphorus. The thermal spring water used to treat digestive problems contains high concentrations of chloride ions, which can cause irritation to normal and sensitive skin.

Myth 4: Sprays are only used for facial skincare.
If you think sprays are just for facial care, that's too much. Because facial skin usually gets more care, wrinkles in the neck can unwittingly reveal the secrets of your age.


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