What are the types of spray bottles


Spray bottles have been around since at least the early […]

Spray bottles have been around since at least the early 20th century. Early versions used a mini trigger sprayer rubber bulb which the user squeezed to produce the spray. In this design, rapid air movement siphons fluid from the bottle and directs it outwards.With the advent of mass production and cheaper plastics, however, spray bottle technology changed substantially. While pump dispensers still exist, the most prevalent spray bottles today use a trigger style actuator. These are significantly more convenient to use. Typically, the trigger will cause a positive displacement pump to draw the liquid up and eject it through a nozzle. In some cases, the nozzle can be adjusted to allow the user to define the output, whether its a stream, aerosol mist, or a spray.


28/410 Plastic No Metal Spring Trigger Sprayer


This style of spray bottle offers the best value for money and performance for most uses around the home. Of course, the spray bottle you need depends on what you’ll be using it for, and the capacity required.A useful smaller bottle is the Cobalt Blue. These  bottles are suitable for containing toners, facial mists, oils, aromatherapy products, or hairspray. They come with a black fine mist sprayer head and a transparent cap to prevent accidental discharge.This bottle is made of BPA-free PET plastic, which has good chemical resistance so you can keep pretty much anything you like in the bottles. Light, but durable, they have a high resistance to impact, so you don’t have to worry about throwing them around a bit.


Hammont offers six great 10 oz bottles that are great for kitchen and cleaning sprays. They come in three different colors: purple, blue and red, which let you color code your cleaning products. The strong and sturdy plastic will withstand the chemicals you wish to put inside.The large dispenser works well and is adjustable to allow anything from a straight stream through to a fine mist. The Hammont bottles area great budget product that will be very useful in the kitchen.The convenient bottle shape will fit your hand perfectly and the pump spray is designed to give 30% greater output compared to most other standard triggers. No frills but a good buy.If you’re looking for a small personal-size bottle, perhaps for traveling or other cosmetic uses, try the clear plastic spray bottles by Segbeauty.


These spray bottles are suitable for travel bags, as they are within the 3.4 oz size restriction set by airlines.The three-piece set also comes with a dropper and plastic funnel to put your favorite liquids inside without making a mess. Essential oils, perfume, and fragrances, nail products can all be stored in these bottles.Finally, for the environmentally conscious, you may want to consider glass bottles. Unfortunately, all the actual spraying mechanisms will be plastic, but we can still reduce our plastic consumption. In this case, I’d point you towards Sally’s Organics Amber Glass Spray Bottle. These beautiful 16 ozs. bottles will be great for all your liquid spray needs, whether they be essential oils, cleaning products, or aromatherapy.The two pack comes with labels to identify the bottles. They are dishwasher safe. Moreover, the nozzles can be varied between mist and stream. They are more expensive than the plastic alternatives, but using glass bottles helps reduce the waste that comes with throwing plastic bottles in the landfill.

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