What is the application of the pump head in the daily chemical packaging material


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Supermarkets, cosmetics franchise stores, online... We see a dazzling array of daily cosmetics every day. Have you ever wondered the difference between these pump heads? Pump heads are widely used in daily chemical packaging materials. Different product types generally use different pump heads. Today, let's take a look at the application of pump heads in cosmetic packaging materials.
Press-type spray pump
It is the most important dispersing pump without propellant, there is no problem with using pressure-resistant containers, and containers of various materials and shapes can be widely used. It can be used for thinner solutions or suspensions.
Principle: The liquid is sucked out, press the pressing head, the glass ball below closes the valve port, removes the air, releases the pressing head, generates a vacuum, the glass ball is lifted, the liquid is sucked into the piston, and the piston can be filled with the liquid after several repetitions. After the liquid is full, press the head, the glass ball falls, the liquid is ejected from the ejection port at a high speed, and the droplets collide with each other to generate fine liquid particles.
This type of spray pump is generally divided into four categories:
Universal dispensing pump: Disperse emulsion products, each spray volume is about 1ml, the particle size is coarse, such as liquid soap.
Universal spray pump; approximately 1ml per spray, medium to coarse particle size.
Fine Mist Dispersion Pump: Each spray amount is 0.05-0.2ml, which can spray a fine mist, such as perfume and gel water.
Pulse spray pump: each time the amount of spray exceeds 1ml, the trigger is used to press the handle in the horizontal direction.
Squeeze Spray Pump
Air fresheners, laundry detergents, toilet cleaning liquids, and hair sprays are commonly used with spray pumps, which can be used for solutions or suspensions with moderate viscosity.
Principle: When the bottle is squeezed by hand, the liquid rises through the nozzle to the spray plug, and mixes with the air entering the one-way valve near the top of the nozzle. When the mixture leaves the plug, the mixture is restricted by the outlet, and the pressure increases enough to make the air leave the plug. The mixture disperses, creating a spray.
Rubber Ball Spray Pump
A traditional atomization system, suitable for various viscous liquids or suspensions, dispersion liquids, most commonly used in make-up water products, with appropriate valves, can also be used for powder products or form foam.


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