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Regardless what push pull cap consumers purchase from s […]

Regardless what push pull cap consumers purchase from stores, if the product is improperly packaged chances are they might not buy it. More importantly, if the product is ingestable chances increase that the item can become contaminated and cause someone irreparable harm, or worse! Because M. Jacob & Sons knows intuitively that packaging is the facade of a business, they go the extra mile to ensure that your product looks good to customers.For well over a century, M. Jacob & Sons have been providing exemplary service to countless distributors of beverages, food, and pharmaceuticals, domestically and abroad. Whether it is glass, plastic, or any other enclosure.


push pull cap with safty cover


Sons manufactures the highest quality packaging for the lowest possible cost in the industry. Below is just a few of the various options we offer.These days, there are more distributors of food and medicinal products than ever before. So when it comes to packaging, nothing is more vital for enclosures like bottles than plastic caps. Although there are other enclosure manufacturers, few attain the knowledge of what it takes to protect your food and pharmaceutical products than M. Jacob & Sons.The Food and Drug Administration FDA impose strict guidelines on the packaging and bottling of all ingestable products.


One of the most important factors with regard to glass and plastic enclosures, pertains to the torque specifications of caps. FDA mandates entail that manufacturers follow rules in accordance with.The notion of bottle caps may not seem like a big deal, but truth is these little pieces of plastic are probably the most important feature of bottled and/or enclosed products. Fact is, cap enclosures not only prevent products such as beverages from becoming flat, they also deter germs from entering pharmaceutical bottles as well. Fortunately, M. Jacob & Sons has been helping its clients manufacture safe products for decades through the very practical, yet extremely complicated measurement of torque.


Torque is defined as the cross product of the lever-arm distance and force, which tends to produce rotation. Additional meanings of torque include the tendency of a force to rotate an object about an axis pivot. It may appear menial, but the torque measurements for objects like nuts, bolts; and plastic caps for medicine bottles is relatively complex.The primary factors that go into the design of caps are the fallback based peak torque, and the rotation based peak torque. The difference between these particular torque designs is cost, due to their respective threads. Regardless of this difference, the thread rotation limit of both designs should always be structured beyond their specifications, in order to avoid the worst case scenario of a cap's exterior failing meaning that.

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