What types of trigger sprayers are available


As a trigger sprayer manufacturer, provide many practic […]

As a trigger sprayer manufacturer, provide many practical and convenient sprayers for household or commercial uses. Various styles and configurations are available to suit your particular needs and application. Ideal for household and commercial liquid applications and nozzle styles to suit your packaging requirement the push pull cap trigger sprayer brand fits the bill perfectly. Ideal for both dry and wet spray application, this product series offers a variety of sizes and features to meet any packaging application, including both counter and hanging spray can caps.

The trigger sprayer caps are made of durable heavy-duty plastic material to ensure high quality and reliability over long periods of usage. They come in a wide range of colors, and include a threaded cap for threaded caps and can be supplied with or without a snap-on trigger for use with self-retracting triggers. All caps are guaranteed to be UV stabilised for added longevity. Suitable for plastics and polycarbonate used in food packaging, this popular product is ideal for domestic or commercial applications.

A popular trigger cap style is the push pull cap, which has been specifically designed to fit the T-shaped spray head. The push pull cap offers a tighter grip on the spray head for better leverage and a more snug seal with the cap providing a tight seal around the head. The T-shaped head is designed to easily apply uniformly-sized streams of fluid with a consistent spray pattern and surface tension. For maximum performance, the plastic material should be well lubricated between the threads and the fitting should be dry before use. Suitable for use with plastics and polycarbonate, the pull tab trigger spray cap offers an efficient and effective product for a wide range of applications.

Threaded plastic caps made from polycarbonate offer fastener options and reliable performance. These products are used in applications where the stream or spray could be directed at different angles and distances, for example in applications intended for spraying chemical weapons. Threaded caps made from polycarbonate are also suitable for use with trigger spray pumps and other pumps that require an O-ring to seal the spray head in place. Suitable for use in a wide range of plastics and polymers, this product offers a tight grip on the spray head and is great for use with either hand weights or electric trigger sprayers. Suitable for use with most trigger spray pumps, the plastic ring trigger cap has been designed for speedier application and greater reliability.

Cap-and-loop triggers are a popular type of trigger sprayer because they require only one trigger press to apply a consistent stream of mist or foam, with a lot of repeatability. Also known as a "push-pull" trigger, the cap-and-loop trigger offers a precise application and an automatic release that can be adjusted by the user to give a smooth, quiet spray. This type of trigger sprayer offers a good value for the money spent, because it requires one less trigger pull than other types of trigger sprayer. The push-pull plastic cap has been designed to fit snugly against the spray head, and features an adjustable release latch that can be easily adjusted according to the volume of the mist or foam applied. It is a very economical type of trigger sprayer and is suitable for use in applications where more than one person may be working in close proximity to each other, for example at a ball sports event.

Retractable trigger sprayer pumps are a special type of pump that allows users to adjust the spray volume by manually rotating a knob on the side of the unit. As the volume of the spray increases, so does the knobs on the side of the pump. The advantage of using retractable trigger sprayer pumps is that they offer users a greater degree of control than their push-pull counterparts and, because they are fixed to the side of the unit, they require little manual labor to use. They are best used in situations where you need to be in a position to fully manipulate the volume of the mist released, and can be found in a number of different sizes and price ranges.

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