Why Perfume Sprayers Can Spray


In the same fluid, the flow rate is large, the pressure […]

In the same fluid, the flow rate is large, the pressure is small; the flow rate is small, the pressure is large. Fluid will flow from high pressure to low pressure.
The nozzle itself has a mechanical structure that compresses the liquid to create high pressure. When the liquid passes through the perfume nozzle, the low-speed flowing water is compressed, and then suddenly released through the micro-holes of the small nozzle (the principle is similar to the explosion of a bomb), and a relatively high-speed movement occurs between the liquid and the air, and the water is compressed due to the high-speed flow. Tear into small drops. a drop. These small water droplets turn into mist when sprayed.
Some friends worry that the perfume will evaporate quickly after it is finished, but this is not necessary.
Fragrance nozzles are designed to effectively prevent evaporation because the contact surface between the liquid in the nozzle and the air is small. Most nozzles are also designed to prevent contact with air. The outer cap of the fragrance closes to surround the nozzle. At this point, the airflow around the nozzle is reduced, so volatilization is very low. After calculation, only a small part of the nozzle hole of the nozzle device will evaporate, so there is no need to worry too much about the problem of perfume passing through the nozzle and volatilization.
Of course, if you unscrew the cap to use, if you don't close the cap, it will quickly evaporate in the air.

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