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In the entire cosmetic processing and production proces […]

In the entire cosmetic processing and production process, packaging materials are a link that is prone to problems. Based on our several years of production experience, we have summarized some common problems with cosmetic packaging materials, which may delay product production or even cause packaging materials. Scrap, when the packaging materials are sent to the factory, we also have professionals to test these problems to ensure the smooth completion of production, let's take a look.
Review of label content on packaging materials
1. The naming of the product name conforms to the cosmetic naming rules.
2. Prohibited words, in line with the provisions of Order No. 100, no national prohibited words, such as water light needle, moisturizing factor, and other words.
3. The entrusting party and the entrusting party need to mark the full name and address.
4. Four ways to correctly label the origin, a Guangdong Province; b Shantou City, Guangdong Province; c Guangdong; d Shantou, Guangdong.
5. Two correct ways of labeling the shelf life, a production date + shelf-life; b production batch number + expiration date.
6. Ingredient labeling, in line with the provisions of GB5296.3.

Packaging material appearance inspection
1. All printed copy on the package is consistent with the sample copy, with no typos or missing words.
2. There is no obvious color difference in the color of the same batch of packaging materials, and the color printing is not rough.
3. The surface of the packaging material is smooth, flat, and clean, without wrinkles, roughness, unevenness, and obvious scratches and abrasions.
4. There is no glue overflow phenomenon for packaging materials that use glue.
5. There is no explosion angle or edge around the packaging material.
6. The length of the suction pipe of the pump head is suitable; the incision is standardized.

Functional testing
1. The size and material are consistent with the model.
2. The full mouth capacity is greater than or equal to the marked amount.
3. All packaging accessories are complete and suitable.
4. Carry out the tightness test, and there is no leakage in the vacuum method or the inversion method.
5. Screen printing, spraying, ink, and wiping test have no shedding, discoloration, or shedding.
6. The pump bottle and spray bottle are compressed 200 times without damage or failure.

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